Ragnarok Postponed

“That needs to go in the Journal of Special Pleading.” – Sharon Hill

Virtual Skeptic panelist and Skeptical Humanities Editor Dr. Eve Siebert is unconvinced of the prophetic signs pointing toward the occurrence of Ragnarok, the Viking apocalypse.

Here are some of the signs Siebert attempts to explain away:

  • World Serpent
  • Thor’s absence
    • Note that while Thor has in fact visited us in theaters since the emergence of the aforementioned oarfish, he has since made a hasty retreat back from Midgard, and hasn’t been seen in theaters since. Any expert on Norse mythology (i.e. the Marvel Universe) would likely agree there is a consensus on that point.
  • “Wolf, Army of the Dead, all that…”
    • The wolf has made an appearance in Sochi with the help of Jimmy Kimmel, and I’d like to point Dr. Siebert to a certain popular AMC Robert Kirkman series.
  • Unrelenting Winter…
    • Coinciding with Thor’s absence, his Avenging teammate will be facing an “unrelenting winter” of his own against Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes1 (Captain America’s third major movie role since 2011).
Captain America: The Winter Soldier from Wikimedia Commons
Captain America: The Winter Soldier from Wikimedia Commons

However, this explanation yields a complication. It appears that while Saturday is certainly close to the actual date, the wintery component doesn’t arrive until 4/4/14. So we’ll look forward to the end of the world then. Unless it’s a “spiritual apocalypse”…

Watch the Journal of Viral Advertising for more updates.

1No, I’m not putting a spoiler alert up for anything that happened more than nine years ago in the comics.


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