About what some might see as a lack of journal content…

“You don’t have much content. I’d expect more from a ‘Journal’ publication.”

It’s true that the Journal of Special Pleading (JoSP) might seem, based on all outward appearances, to be a relatively new upstart blog. If this Journal were comparable to a brand new blog, one could reasonably arrive at that conclusion. However, it would be unfair to judge the content of JoSP purely based on the criteria by which most publications are measured, primarily because of the nature of the subject matter covered by this most prestigious journal. For a pleading to be “special,” it must first satisfy very stringent aspecific criteria. Such criteria sets it apart from an ordinary pleading, and makes them relatively hard to come by. So owing to this criteria, what might appear to be a mostly empty WordPress blog might actually be a comprehensive collection of the developments of a discipline.


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